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Anacortes messabout dating


It's not too early to mark your calendars, folks. Last year's event was a blast, so we've already started scheduling the next one, for the congruent Saturday of May 16, Just like last year, the Messabout will be held at Seafarer's Memorial Park in Anacortes, with both dock and beach space for the taking.

And after the main event on Saturday, I wouldn't be surprised if some of us might head on out for an overnighter again. Lee Baxter took some of the best pictures of last year's event, so I'm shamelessly re-posting them now: So pencil it in, get yer trailer tires pumped up, and come on down!

I absolutely guarantee we'll have awesome weather again. No Anacortes messabout dating is expressed or implied. See Manager for details. So many beautiful boats. What is the Anacortes messabout dating Cat-Ketch rigged boat or cat-Yawl? McMullen at the helm? Wish I had a boat to bring. But I will attend for Anacortes messabout dating contact high. I thought you had a "Anacortes messabout dating" Wherry or something in progress?

Come on, you've got like five months. You couldn't move this back a couple of weeks, to better coincide with another event out of Port Townsend? TWhat is the bright-finished Cat-Ketch rigged boat or cat-Yawl? That's probably Nutmeg, which is a Coquina built Jay Smith style, with all of the scandahoovian details like rose-headed rivets and trunnels and Norse-style oars and stuff. What event are you talking about?

I'm really not in charge or anything, I'm just a volunteer participant. Plans for this have been in place since before the turn of the year, so nothing's changing now. Besides, this one is an all-inclusive, family-friendly event, welcoming of novices and old salts alike. It's a local community small boat fair. That other business is a daredevil, fool stunt, for people with more grim determination than common sense.

It's a different demographic, you see? You should not be allowed to attend any more small boat events or post in the bilge until your boat is complete. Tim's got a point there, Gerard. Do you need us to show up at your house some weekend with pockets full of sawblades, spokeshaves and screwdrivers and stage an intervention? I will send a note to Scot informing him of Gerard's "situation.

See, that's what I mean. It's for Gerard's own good, Pat. Even he would agree, I'm sure.

Just like last year, the...

Meanwhile, too bad you sold your faering, cause now you no longer have any credible excuse to show up, and will have to manufacture some nefarious subterfuge. Oh well, at least try to make it outwardly plausible.

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