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Tapping foot in airport bathroom hookups


IAmA man who cruises for gay sex in public restrooms.

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I've sucked dick and gotten fucked in many restrooms. A guy looking for sex in a public restroom will choose a stall farthest from the door. Someone else looking will sit in the stall right next to it.

A guy looking for sex in a public restroom pulls his pants and underwear all the way down to his ankles while siting. He taps his foot, slowly at first. Both know to look at Tapping foot in airport bathroom hookups feet.

A slow up and down foot tap — so as not to rouse suspicion in the innocent shitter — which the other man will then respond to with a tap of his own. Both men tap a few more times to be absolutely certain of their intentions. Then one man will wave a hand under the stall. This is a signal that he wants to suck a dick.

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The other man will then put his dick under the stall and the first guy will suck it. They made trade positions. Oh sure, but it's not that complicated. It was easy when I lived next to a real cruisy public restroom. I could sit in the stall for an hour and suck off 2 or 3 guys.

It was so hot. Have you ever done the foot tapping dance, and then you get in the same stall for anal, and then the guy is like hideously unattractive? Or you do the foot tapping, he sticks his dick under the stall, and it's disgusting and full of sores or some weird shit? Have you ever been fucking someone and his ass is full of shit and then you have to deal with a shitty dick?

Damn do these moves work on women? Can I go into a woman's bathroom stall and tap my foot till she crawls under the stall and sucks my dick?

Once again I am convinced the gay man has beaten the system. Double your wardrobe, glory holes, bathroom stall blowjobs, get laid just by pulling over into a rest area off the highway, never have to deal with PMS Maybe i am gay or bi I don't know. Read the instructions I posted in reply to another question. Find a known cruisy public toilet in your area.

There are websites online that list popular ones. This is prevalent in the city, at certain public restrooms, and also on the highways at many rest stops. Gay men are more promiscuous because they're all men. If women had the same sex drive and lower standards as men, straights Tapping foot in airport bathroom hookups be just as promiscuous. Prudish women are the bottleneck for straight men.

Gay men have the sex life that straight men can only dream about.

My wife thinks I am shallow. She likes paisley curtains, but I prefer solid colors and get mad when she tries to push patterns on me.

What "Tapping foot in airport bathroom hookups" you think, solid colors around the windows, or patterns? I really need this advice soon as we will be shopping this weekend.

There's too much checking. The tap ritual is fool proof. Anyone looking for dick knows it and it's very cautious. You have to make sure the guy repeats your taps, not just is tapping. Oral sex generally carries a low risk of HIV. Simply swallowing isn't enough to contract it.

If you have open sores on your face or inside your mouth, I would avoid doing something like this, but otherwise you should be alright. Anal sex carries a much higher risk because the tissue is more sensitive and slight bleeding can occur. Always use condoms for anal unless you're monogamous and tested. How does the signaling work if you are trying to get gay sex in an adult video store?

I was minding my business whacking it to straight porn in a booth when a dude who had been milling aroundopened the door Tapping foot in airport bathroom hookups I thought was lockedseeming like he wanted to get some. I indicated that I was leaving and he went away embarrassed, but since then I always wondered if I inadvertently signaled to him thought I can't figure out what I did since I don't recall doing anything.

Do you never go or let others into the same stall? This business of kneeling between stalls doesn't sound fun lol. Sure, I've done a tap and not had it returned. If that happens, you stop tapping and you definitely don't stick your dick under it. Does your mom know about this? Do you talk about this at family get togethers and such? I really want to know.

Are there secret signals you give to people? What are these secret signs? Have you ever found yourself in a scary situation in there - like finding yourself alone with a real psycho bastard. What you have been doing is so dangerous though that you being alive right now makes me suspect you must know how to stick up for yourself, to say the least. It seems like lanismycousin found out that NotLarryCraig is black. Either that or he's a huge douche. There's an elegant series of toe taps I just described in another post.

I don't think this would would in a co-ed bathroom unless you knew the girl. You're part of the reason the gay community is looked down upon as classless and diseased. Go fuck yourself, idiot. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy. Log in or sign up in seconds. Submit a new text post.

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Want to add to the discussion? Tap, tap, tap, fap, fap, fap. I figured only closet dudes cruised. Do you ever cruise outside of public restrooms, like just in public in general?

I was hoping for a tale of good old fashion, "Three's Company"-esqe hilarity. During anal, always condoms.

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