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My wife admitted she cheated


My wife admitted to me that she cheated. I have been married for 13 years to a beautiful woman and we have 3 amazing children. Like all marriages, we've had our ups and downs. For awhile now, it's been mostly downs.

“When my wife finally admitted...

About 4 years ago, I started playing an online game. At first I played whenever I could, just for fun, and it was completely unscheduled. I'd hop on whenever nothing else was going on.

Eventually, I made friends and started to play at scheduled times when they'd be online as well. This group played 4 nights a week from I get home from work at 4, so I'd hang out with the family, have dinner and then get online until The kids would be in bed by then, and my wife would be getting ready. On the 3 nights I wasn't playing, I would spend the entire time with my family. I do not go out with the guys. I'd be home, spending time with them, either games, TV or just whatever.

My wife would come to me and say that she needed my attention, that she hated the game and wanted me to spend more time with her. I'd tell her that I'd be done soon, but I'd still finish up before getting offline. A couple of times, she came into my office at home in her bathrobe, opened it up to show that she was wearing nothing underneath, and asked me to come to bed with her.

Again, I'd say, OK, just a few more minutes. That is stupid and horrible. I could see that it hurt her, and I honestly did care about her. I just didn't see how much it hurt at the time. Overall, the 4 nights a week lasted about a year or a little more. I saw her withdrawing from me, going out with her friends more, dancing, bars, being away from home more. I slowed my gaming down to 3 nights a week. This also lasted about a year. I could still see that she was unhappy, but she would no longer come in and ask me to come to bed with her.

She wouldn't My wife admitted she cheated up the game. She started to become pretty cold. At that time, she was doing Zumba 1 night a week and band practice another night. I really wanted to spend more time with her, to rekindle that flame we once had. I then slowed my gaming down to only the nights that she would already be My wife admitted she cheated. By this time, I had realized that she My wife admitted she cheated abandoned, and I really do love my wife.

I wanted to spend all my time with her. I still felt her withdrawing, even though I only played while she was gone. She stopped going to Zumba, and started going to band practice only every other week or so. So, I stopped playing the game at any scheduled time. I would play, but only when she was gone. As soon as she walked in, I would log off. I would spend as much time as possible with her.

I'd tell her repeatedly that I love her. I'd hug her, kiss her, take her out on dates. I'd ask her to spend time with me, but she'd complain that all we'd do is watch TV. We don't have a ton of extra money, so I'd ask her what else did she want to do? I never really got an answer. I would tell her I love her, and get dead silence in return.

Sometimes an "ok" or "me too," but often, just silence. We'd fight never physical pretty frequently, and always in our room, away from the kids. I'd be telling her that I need her to show love to me, and she'd tell me that I have to lose weight. She has become very health conscious lately, eating veggies and lean meats and exercising constantly. She started going to a friends house times a week to exercise. She'd never eat meals with the family.

I'd have to make dinner for me and the kids, and she'd make her dinner after we started eating. I told her that I wanted her to eat with us, My wife admitted she cheated she finally after about 6 months of not having dinner with us started making her dinner while I made dinner for the rest of the family. I'm 6 foot, pounds. That's about pounds overweight. I do not enjoy exercise, as a matter of fact, I hate it. I work in computers, My wife admitted she cheated I spend my days in front of a desk.

Of course I've put on weight since we met 15 years ago. Every time I'd ask for her to show me love, she'd counter with I have to exercise first.

I did it for about 4 months, but I was not happy about it. I made it clear that I hated it, and that I was only doing it for her. After 4 months, I quit. I'd compensate by being even more affectionate. I'd tell her I love you 10 times a day or more.

Hold her hand every time I could reach it.

That was about a year and a half ago that I quit Insanity, and a year ago that I quit playing the game at any scheduled time.

Since then, I've exercised here and there, never really putting a lot of heart into it. I beg for her attention. We make love times a month instead of the times a week that we used to. When we do make love, it is only after she has rejected me multiple times and I finally get pissed that she relents.

She then lies there flat and emotionless and just lets me get it over with. I've spent the last year trying everything to bring her back to me. I treat her like a princess. I do everything for her. Every time we argue and I tell her that, though, she says "You won't do the one My wife admitted she cheated I'm asking you to do, though.

I tell her, I'm asking you to be a part of My wife admitted she cheated marriage, to do the things that are required for a marriage to work.

Things like showing love, saying that you love me, holding me, making love to me. You are asking for something that is totally unrelated to making a marriage work, just because you know that it is the one thing I don't want to do. You ask for this because you know I hate it and if I don't do it, then you have an excuse not to improve our marriage.

Finally, a couple of weeks ago, I gave her an ultimatum. Either you be part of this marriage again, or get out.

My wife confessed to having...

She responded back that we should just be roommates. No longer married in any real sense, just roommates, for the kid's sake. I could not handle that. I can't spend my days with someone I love, and every day have them not return that love.

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