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Annoying girlfriend


I keep seeing these articles pop up like, "10 annoying things girlfriends do" and "15 things guys can't stand".

Here's a list of annoying...

I've got news, dudes. All that stuff that drives you crazy about your girlfriend will pay off when Annoying girlfriend marry her. All my boyfriends hated me: All that makes me a rad mom. Also, his memory is short and he works a lot of hours. All the qualities that made me the most hatable girlfriend on "Annoying girlfriend" market have served me well running this family.

You can't get any shit past us.

Because there's nothing more fun...

In high school, my boyfriend from across town came to pick me up and there was a rose waiting in the passenger seat. That rose was way too wilted to be fresh from the store, so I deduced it must have come from another girl and he was regifting it to me.

That sounds crazy, right? It turns out I was correct. Some girl from his own school gave it to him and he didn't know what else to do with it but give it to me. Spy skills like that are super annoying when you're the "Annoying girlfriend" getting busted, but when you marry a sleuth, your future children won't get away with anything.

Try me with that, "I was holding it for a friend" crap. Women take Annoying girlfriend getting "Annoying girlfriend." First of all, no one takes longer to get ready than my husband. There was a joke in a movie we watched about someone who had three different blow dryers for different types of weather and he nodded sagely that it was a perfect idea.

If we're going to go stereotypical here, it seems like all these Buzzfeed-type lists say it's ladies who take too long in the bathroom. You may hate waiting on the couch an extra half hour before you go out when she's your girlfriend, but when you're married to her and you have three kids, you'll be Annoying girlfriend she makes the effort to not have chin Annoying girlfriend.

No, You're Not The Only...

Annoying girlfriend Girlfriends always want to know where you are. They like to keep tabs on your location and have this irritating quality of wanting to anticipate future events. All of that may seem like a drag until they're your wife and you have a confirmed location work, home, fantasy football hole.

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They wouldn't track Annoying girlfriend down anyway because they transferred that energy to the kids. We have babies and move Annoying girlfriend annoying them and trust me, you want a partner who is on top of your kids' location and plans. I have three kids in two different schools with seven teachers to remember and between dance, gymnastics and science camp, I'd be lost if it weren't for my stalking, I mean management skills.

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