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Defineasexual reproduction


Chapter 9 — Reproduction in Animals. Describe the the process of fertilization in human beings.

There is sexual reproduction in human beings. Male reproductive organs produce sperms male gametes while the female gametes produce ova female gametes.

reproduction, as budding, fission, or...

The Defineasexual reproduction are ejected inside female bodies where they fuse with ovum and forms zygote called internal fertilization. The single celled zygote begins to develop into an embryo which attaches to the female uterus wall.

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"Defineasexual reproduction" The embryo further multiples into many cells and develops further into a small baby called foetus. Choose the most appropriate answer: Asexual reproduction is a mode of reproduction in which only one parent is involved to reproduce offspring. In asexual reproduction, the offsprings produced are exact copies of their parents. It is generally observed in very small sized organisms.

Defineasexual reproduction

Binary fission, Budding, Fragmentation etc. In walls of the uterus. The embryo, once attached to uterus gradually develops various body parts such as hands, legs, head, eyes, etc into an embryo.

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Metamorphosis is a biological process in which a larva transforms into an adult. It involves sudden and abrupt changes Defineasexual reproduction the body structure of the animal by cell growth and differentiation. Class 8th Science Solutions.