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Sexual offenders articles


Child sex offenders have been receiving increasing attention from human development researchers. The present study analyzed the data from criminal prosecutions in courts specializing in crimes against children and adolescents, between and We employed a Biopsychosocial Characterization Form to record the data extracted from the court documents.

For data analysis, we used descriptive statistics and the Logistic Regression Model, indicating the Odds Ratio OR and the likelihood of sexual abuse for each context.

Further studies will be able to refine the preliminary findings of these analyses. Sexual abuse of minors is a grave social problem with numerous repercussions. This form of violence occurs in both the intrafamilial and extrafamilial contexts.

In the former, sexual violence occurs predominantly within the home environment - in the residence of either the victim or the offender - and is usually committed by a close relative. A study conducted by Jesus and Moreira revealed that, within the intrafamilial context, besides having spouses and children, most of the alleged perpetrators of sexual violence against children and adolescents also held jobs and engaged in various professional activities.

Research performed by Pincolini, Hutz, and Laskoski concluded that making the perpetrated violence known to the public entails numerous consequences for the individuals involved, such as the dissolution of socio-affective bonds and of families, since the violence frequently Sexual offenders articles within the domestic environment and involves members of the same family.

Along these lines, several studies demonstrate that the offender can be removed from the shared residence or punished by imprisonment. Other studies reveal that extrafamilial sexual abuse can occur in private areas e.

For this reason, it is important to conduct research that can identify and list the biopsychosocial characteristics of sexual offenders within both contexts in which this form of violence has been studied. This is an interesting Sexual offenders articles when seeking to comprehend deviant sexual behavior in a contextualized manner.

Within the Brazilian context, literature concerning sex offenders is still scarce, which could reflect the amount and quality of public policies and measures focused on such offenders, principally with respect to preventing recurrence Lodetti, Even so, it is important "Sexual offenders articles" remember that the expansion of research on child sexual abuse is full of difficulties obstructing the acquisition of the data necessary to achieve such expansion, principally with respect Sexual offenders articles the perpetrators of sexual violence, for access to this group of offenders is still considered difficult.

A feasible alternative with respect to surveys of prison populations is documentary research, which permits collecting sex offender data from criminal prosecutions, police investigations and public health reports, among others. In order to study the biopsychosocial characteristics of sexual offenders, research based on documental sources has been successfully performed because, in such research, data is usually collected from documents employed in police investigations and criminal prosecutions, medical records and other types of records that can provide complete data as to the sexual abuse committed.

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Taking court cases as a data source, surveys have been conducted as to the sociodemographic characteristics of offenders and victims, and the context in which the crimes occurred.

As an example of this type of research, we cite a descriptive documental study that was conducted by Hohendorff et al. Within the intrafamilial context, the "Sexual offenders articles" most frequently cited as being the location at which such violence occurred was the victim's residence A study conducted by Silva et al.

According to the study, the victims were principally Sexual offenders articles Documentary research conducted by Pincolini et al. We aimed to discover the general traits that characterize the population under examination and their implications with respect to the study of this phenomenon, highlighting the connection between the biopsychosocial characteristics of the subjects involved and the contexts in which the violence occurred.

The present research is a descriptive, documental study of an exploratory nature, involving a quantitative approach. Prepared by our research team and based on a study by Habigzang et al. It enabled our team both to gather information as to the biopsychosocial traits of accused child sex offenders Sexual offenders articles to record information regarding their victims and the sexual assaults of which they were accused.

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The data was classified according to the context in which the assault occurred: Each BCF item was divided into sub-items, namely the following: After reading the documents in the case files, the data we obtained was recorded on the BCF. At first, the collected data was stored on a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet; it was then transferred to an IBMSPSS Statistics software package version 20 according Sexual offenders articles the categories Sexual offenders articles make up the BCF, the instrument employed for data collection.

These categories correspond to the two contexts in which the sexual assaults were committed: Next, we associated the analyzed variables with the biopsychosocial traits of both those accused of committing sexual assaults and their victims, and with the characteristics of this form of violence. We employed a multiple binary logistic regression model in the statistical analysis, considering the context of Sexual offenders articles sexual assault a dependent variable.

The multiple logistic regression model was estimated using the non-automatic Stepwise Forward variable selection method.

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