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Paul reubens dating game

Paul Rubens did a long...

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Long before we watched The Bachelor and The Paul reubens dating gamein a land far, far away Sorry to be so snarky. On December 20,a new and different game show called The Dating Game came on the air. The usual concept was an attractive bachelorette questioning three bachelors, as they were hidden behind a big screen, so the bachelorette couldn't see them.

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She would ask the guys several questions, then choose one to go on a date, all the while never seeing what the guy looked like. Sometimes the concept would be reversed and there would be a bachelor grilling three bachelorettes, but the three guys idea was much more prevalent.

I always liked the three bachelorettes concept better. Heck, three cute girls to look at instead of one! All female guests on the show, whether the questioning bachelorette or one of the three questioned bachelorettes, always wore an obligatory miniskirt the better to attract male viewers. Although kind of similar to The Bachelor and The BacheloretteThe Dating Game was more like a blind date, albeit one where Paul reubens dating game could hear your potential partner and even grill Paul reubens dating game a little before an ultimate meet took place.

According to the show's creator, Chuck Barris, although The Dating Game was taped in the relatively tame '60's and '70's, some of the male guests answers to the girl's questions were incredibly lewd and raunchy. All tapes of the show were carefully censored by the suits at ABC to make sure nothing too suggestive got through to shock or offend the home viewers.

Any questions were allowed by the questioning guy or gal, except four: Every once in a while, the show could get quite snarky. The three bachelors would make snide or sarcastic cracks about their fellow Paul reubens dating game or one of the three bachelorettes could get catty about her female adversaries. Many celebrities appeared on the show, some before they were famous and some after they were already big stars.

For obvious reasons, after they were already rich and famous, they would be the lone questioner, not the "unknowns" behind the screen.

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