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K michelle and r kelly dating


Kelly had a strong hand in her early music career.

On her second studio album fromAnybody Wanna Buy a Heart? Michelle sings a song on which she directly speaks about her mentor. In the lyrics of "Build a Man," K. Michelle sings, "He adored me, loved to hear me sing, but control me. Kelly has come under fire after allegations have surfaced that he is holding several women against their will in his homes in Atlanta and Chicago.

It is also alleged that he is abusive and controls every aspect of these ladies lives', even cutting them off from families and friends. Michelle speaks on her past relationship with Kelly and gives her thoughts on abuse victims.

So my loyalty always has a point. But for me, you'll never hear me tell another woman what she went through. Michelle goes on to say she will not specifically discuss the allegations that have been lodged against Kelly, but she did say that children's safety should be prioritized.

Because you know what that does?

I'm still living that down. Michelle details how she got "back to me" for new album 'Kimberly'. Years ago when K. Atlantashe spoke out about being violently beaten by her former record exec boyfriend, Mickey "Memphitz" Wright.

It was a tough time for the singer, since she suffered backlash for making the claims against him.

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They were like 'she's lying' and 'this is not true' and I was sitting there like, 'Oh my god, I'm fighting for you,'" K. So, I refuse to beat up anybody. I'm never gon' tell you what you went through at the hands of your abuser.

I will never say that. Michelle goes on to say that women need to stop bashing each other and calling each other liars when stories of abuse emerge. Michelle's new album, Kimberly: Paak, Mike Will Made-It.

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Charting Black Excellence Kim Porter was a music muse. Michelle speaks on R. Drea Oppan Dec 6, Michelle weighs in on sexual misconduct and abuse allegations against R.