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Speed control of dc motor using chopper simulation dating

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In many different applications it is required to control speed of DC motor. Some of the examples are. One of the popular methods of speed control of DC motor is using chopper. Chopper is a device that gives variable DC output from applied fixed DC input. It simply chops fixed DC and generates variable DC. Let us first understand how it generates variable DC. As shown in figure the chopper supplies fixed DC voltage to motor. When chopper is ON motor gets supply but when chopper is off motor does not get the supply.

So as shown in figure let us say chopper is on for Ton time and it is off for Toff time. So depending upon the Ton and Toff time the DC voltage applied to motor is. Speed control of dc motor using chopper simulation dating as duty cycle is more the average DC voltage supplied to motor is more and so speed of motor is increased.

So as duty cycle is varied by varying on and off time of chopper, the speed of motor can be varied.

Using chopper as a converter...

The circuit chops rectified DC output and varies the speed of DC motor. Q1 and Q2 both are connected in switch configuration as shown. It is configured in monostable mode. The emitter of TIP is connected to ground. Bridge rectifier will produce rectified DC output as shown in second waveform if above figure at point B.

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