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Hook up with braces


Braces should come with warnings.

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Once they are on, things will begin to change. A life with braces requires adjustment. The wires "Hook up with braces" brackets can irritate the inside of your mouth causing painful sores. The regular tightening can lead to jaw pain. What's more, braces are a food magnet. It is important to avoid foods such as popcorn, hard and sticky candy and gum, since the residue from foods can cause tooth decay.

If you run up against...

Not only that, but having a piece of popcorn stuck in your teeth isn't very attractive. They both knew that the perfect ending to the perfect evening would be the perfect kiss. He Hook up with braces into her eyes and inched towards her lips.

Their lips pursed together — it was perfect, until they tried to pull apart. His popped bracket had locked with her wire and they couldn't move away from each other. Is it really possible to lock lips, literally?

Well, you can all breathe a little easier now. Locking braces is extremely rare. With over 30 years experience, one orthodontist says he's never seen braces get tangled while kissing.

That does not mean to say that it'll never happen. Braces have been known to pop when force is involved, a bracket can moved out of place, or a wire can break and come loose.

The brace Hook up with braces can be very uncomfortable for you and for the person you are kissing.

It’s nothing to smile about.

If the person you are kissing also wears braces, then a poking wire or a loose bracket could result in your braces tangling. If this situation does occur, stay calm. Do not try and tug away from each other, as this might cause more damage. Stay close and slowly Hook up with braces to untangle yourselves.

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