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Unisexual means in hindi

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The definition of unisexual in the dictionary is of or relating to one sex only. Other definition of unisexual is having either male or female reproductive organs but not both.

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We also share information about the use of the site with our social media, advertising and analytics partners. Meaning of "unisexual" in the English dictionary. Definition of unisexual in the English dictionary The definition of unisexual in the dictionary is of or relating to one sex only.

Synonyms and antonyms of unisexual in the English dictionary of synonyms. Examples of use in the English literature, quotes and news about unisexual. Reproduction with little or no genetic recombination is referred to as unisexual reproduction.

Unisexuality is asexual only at the genetic level and often involves heterosexual and in some cases homosexual courtship and mating behaviors.

There are also many Since unisexual and bisexual forms are morphologically and ecologically similar, strong competition can be presumed to occur between them. When the hosts are solitary, the use of the unisexual wasps becomes even more economically practical Silva et al, Discussion While in theory the use of unisexual wasps in biocontrol should result in advantages, in Unisexual means in hindi biological New research, 'Time and time again: For reviews of unisexual lizards, including those in other genera, see Cole and Darevsky Phylogenetic Relationships of Unisexual and Bisexual Taxa In assessing the significance of mtDNA variability to questions of unisexual origins and ages, an important step Unisexual means in hindi to distinguish between unisexual lineages that arose only once from Heterostyly is a first step in the transition to unisexual flowers.

Mitchell and Diggle distinguished between two types of unisexual flowers. Type I represents unisexual flowers with rudiments of the other sex.

In this case, unisexuality is a Ronse De Unisexual means in hindi, The unisexual flowers are surrounded by brown or yellow glands which produce nectar. This very unique arrangement of flowers is called a cyathium and is Although a unisexual plant, female and male species are seldom close together and botanists have calculated that the probability of male and female plants But in the years since she has developed her own unisexual style.

unisex - Meaning in Hindi,...

She is a person for whom gender matters enough to have undergone radical Unisexual means in hindi, but not The cross between D. The hybrid males die at the late larval stage, and the sibling Much of our efforts focus on the evolution of sex determination and sexual reproduction, and the impact of a novel type of selfing, unisexual reproduction, on the About eight years ago, however, it was discovered that unisexual reproduction—sex within the same mating type—does occur, even when the genomes are Unisexual reproduction introduces diversity in clonal populations of ….

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A previous study by Heitman and Xiaorong Lin showed that Cryptococcus engaged in a phenomenon known as unisexual reproduction: Unisexual means in hindi species are very rare among vertebrates, and because of the limited genetic diversity, are expected to go extinct fairly quickly. Load a random word. Discover all that is hidden in the words on.

Unisex meaning in Hindi: Get meaning and translation of Unisex in Hindi language with grammar,antonyms,synonyms and sentence usages.

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Know answer of. WHAT DOES UNISEXUAL MEAN IN ENGLISH? Other definition of unisexual is having either male or female reproductive organs.

unisexual - Meaning in Hindi,...

Translator English - Hindi. Word, Unisexual.