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Rebecca one piece sexy


One Piece Track List For those "what music was used at this time in this episode" questions. PowerManga Only goes back to Chapter I have to say, I don't think she's a good character not at all. She's part of a larger problem with the Dressrosa Arc, but I won't get into that now. I've actually been rereading the arc Rebecca one piece sexy the past few days, overall I think it's really solid.

Rebecca, though, is a Rebecca one piece sexy flaw. I didn't find her introduction that poor, despite her goofy attire she still seemed kinda interesting - sure she was, againanother Nami-face-clone with the same silly body proportions, which just adds to the every-increasing slew but she also seemed tough, resolute, and was a female fighter. Still not much else about her was good.

Everyone mentions how she becomes a whimpering mess in the Colosseum finale, and yeah that was pretty bad. One of her thoughts is, "I'm so angry I can't move! Even worse, throughout the rest of the fight, Bartolomeo and Sabo insist on "protecting" her. At the end, when Sabo grabs her from Barto, he tells Barto that he can handle himself, "because you're a man.

I can sort of get Kyros' desire for her not to have to fight, though I have to wonder if his attitude would be the same if she was a boy but it gets "Rebecca one piece sexy" of ridiculous when the scenario is life or death, and he still insists she doesn't fight.

Instead she just sits and watches I understand that she was a "pacifist," which does justify her in-universe, but I can't ignore that she was like the only character who fought like that, and also one of the only girl "fighters.

YNYNOO One Piece One Piece...

She doesn't take much initiative, and when she does her decisions don't matter. She's bland, and in both looks and personality a-dime-a-dozen, just another useless female character added to the stack - especially disappointing since Dressrosa introduced the most female characters at once in OP, and most of them fell pretty flat. Similar to my feelings on Conis, she feels like "Rebecca one piece sexy" poor-man's Vivi.

Rebecca one piece sexy I actually like Vivi a lot, it's just a shame that Oda's felt the need to retread that character in increasingly embarrassing ways. I'm glad that Vivi herself is actually coming back though - Reverie ftw. Scarlet was also a non-character who just existed to be fridged lol. I should say, I do like Kyros' backstory, in general it was really well done. Dead Mom told her repeatedly never to harm anyone, if I remember correctly she made her promise idk maybe I'm wrong.

Rebecca never wanted to fight in the first place and was basically forced by Kyros toy soldier because he was incapable of fully protecting her as a toy.

I think he had to have her sit out of the fight to prove to her that he can protect her now and she never has to fight again.

Kyros told them not to Diamante killed Kyros wife He didn't want to involve Rebecca, nor did he desire her help to attempt to atone for the biggest mistake of his life. You pretty much hit the nail on the head.

One of the reasons why people fundamentally misunderstand Rebecca is because they don't take in to consideration her influences growing Rebecca one piece sexy, nay the state of Dressrosa before Doflamingo. Either that or they aren't satisfied with it given the potential for a strong female character development. Dressrosa was a peaceful place, had a peaceful king, and frowned upon violence and murder.

So much so that it was reflected heavily in Kyro's gilt, having killed those who murdered his own friend. However minor his offence, it was still something that was seen by him and society at large as dirty, and that action in itself tainted him.

Making him feel unworthy to touch his own daughter with his own hands. With her mother being her only real humanly attachment, and Soldier's as her guardian. It's not much of a surprise that a lot of Dressrosa's old values were instilled in her as she was growing up.

I take it into account, like I said I do like Kyros' backstory overall. But it is worth remembering that every single detail of this story is made by Oda, everything is intentional.

If he wanted to set-up the story so that a strong female character could have a semi-important role, he could have done it. Instead, he Rebecca one piece sexy us a character who on the whole is just really uninteresting, kind of unimportant, and definitely wasted.

It wouldn't even be so bad to have one or two Rebecca like character, but when women on the whole continue to be shafted, mistakes like this really stand out. I should reiterate - I like Kyros even more on this reread tbh. I just feel increasingly like Rebecca was a mishandled mistake of a character.

Rebecca one piece sexy like I said Scarlet was totally just there to be fridged. I'm just saying, Rebecca is one of the sexiest looking females in the series. Her character is just terrible and can get annoying real fast. Eh, that's subjective lol.

I definitely find some One Piece women sexy, Praline ftw shasha but on the whole I'm just not that attracted to drawn characters - and Rebecca's design to me just looks silly. Her face is the same as many other's, and her body proportion is the same as pretty much all the Rebecca one piece sexy women. So yeah, I just found her goofy looking lol. But to each his own, ey.

Eh I've just been rereading the arc so I thought I'd bring it up. I have a few Dressrosa posts in mind actually some positive some not so much.

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