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Marriage hookup


Women aren't that different from us — they also go to weddings and get swept up in the beauty and the booze. Wedding hookups are absolutely doable, if you do them right. However, one cannot simply walk into a wedding and expect love and attention from other well-dressed attendees without a game plan. These following steps will show you how to conquer the wedding hookup without ruining friendships or accidentally waking up next to your second cousin.

That, uh, happened to some guy I met once. Marriage hookup, look around you, do you see any pogs? This goes for life beyond weddings, if you can even believe it. Basic hygiene and self-care goes a ridiculously long way. Marriage hookup only do women like basic hygiene, but men like it too. Brush your damn teethson! If you're bringing someone you want to hook up with yourself, consider attempting that initial hookup somewhere less dramatic.

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