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Sexy nail ideas


You have got so much to flaunt off. The incredible beauty that you own is simply incomparable which includes your graceful smile, your hot figure, your sexy hair and your stunning nails. Unlike boys, you have got your nails to flaunt off by articulating it using these Easy "Sexy nail ideas" Art Ideas and Designs!

Anyways, girls feel incomplete when they think they missed something which could have made them look prettier. Before you start off with these Easy Nail Art Ideas and Designs, you must know Sexy nail ideas basic things that will you color your nails creatively. Make sure the base coat is Sexy nail ideas dried before you start rubbing sponge over it.

Color you Sexy nail ideas with white enamel as a base coat. Drop red colored enamel on the water surface in a small cup in circular shape thereby putting blue color at the center. With a small brush drag the central blue enamel Sexy nail ideas five directions as to see it taking a shape of petals. Put your nails on it as to get this amazing pattern on your nails.

The black base coat must be applied on the nails as to pop up the galaxy nail art incredibly. Rub the pink colored paper against the nails as soon as the black nail enamel dries partially as to get a wine colored nails and frictional nails. Then simply apply glittered transparent nail enamel at the end to make your galaxy nail art. Color nails with red as base coat thereby covering its tip with white enamel and smaller part of nail with blue. And here you go!

Your sexy and easy red. Coat the nail with pink nail polish. Take a piece of sponge which has been Sexy nail ideas in pink, light blue and dark blue nail colors. Rub the sponge delicately as soon as the base dries completely as to get pink and blue shades on nails. Apply transparent nail color with glitter to get this sexy nail art. Apply pale green colored nail enamel as a base coat on all-of-the-five nails. Cut sticking tape in whichever shape you want ad stick it on your nails as shown in the images.

Color the uncovered area with dark brown color to get a sexy Sexy nail ideas nail art. Make zigzag lines with brown on one of the nails to change the effect.

Color the nail with white base coat and paint the top half of the nail with black nail enamel. Make three black curvy strips on the white portion along with four polka dots between the curves. Repeat the same step in black portion of nail with white nail enamel using striping brush.

Coat the nails with bright pink nail lacquer as to make an expressive smiley manicure. Using striping brush, draw the facial features of your favorite WhatsApp smiley with black and red colored nail enamel.

Let it dry and you are done with the nails in no time, yeah! Take a spoon and pour some white nail lacquer over Sexy nail ideas along with some pink color as well. Use your hair pins to slightly mix the two. Put your nails on the surface of the colors and get an awesome mixture of two colors.

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Let it dry for a few minutes and you are ready to go out. Get a lovely printed nails using the alcohol trick thereby polishing small portions of nails in black. Use Sexy nail ideas to remove those black portions as to pretend that these were the burning points. Use matte Sexy nail ideas for a more dried and natural effect of this elite texture of the nail art.

Polish the nail in black completely and stick a zigzag sticking tape at the cuticle leaving a very less space. Paint green colored glitter nail enamel at the uncovered area as to get the green-zig-black-zag nail art. Polish the nail with matte brown base coat and polish the upper half of the nail with shiny brown nail enamel as to get this mind-blowing effect on your brain.

You may try it out with any other color. Also, studs could be pasted on the borderline of the two colors. You may get a print just like it is there in the books by miraculously using alcohol. Coat the nails with nude color by dabbing in your hands in a jar containing alcohol.

After a few seconds, put a piece of printed paper over the nails. Enjoy the amazement to see the prints on paper embossed on your nails.

Get three sticky stripes and start coloring the on the non-sticky side. Cut those sticky tapes in small triangles and stick the glued sides on nails as to get the colorful triangles nail arts. At the end, seal Sexy nail ideas design with the transparent top coat as to let it last long. Apply the blue base coat on clean nails. Paint three red spots on nails that appear like leaves.

Put the same shaped white spot inside the red and then with the black nail color. Your distinct colorful nail art is ready to match up with your dress. Tribal nail art is completely obsessed with triangles and polka dots. And when the magic happen on black base with white enamel, a wonderful tribal matte design is created. Alternate filled triangles with black base looks incredible when polka dots accompany the design.

When you do nail art with white and Sexy nail ideas, they assure you that they are with you forever since Sexy nail ideas other color can match any colored outfits, unlike black and white. Moreover, the tribal tortoise nail art will look miraculous with the tribal outfit including the bohemian garb. How fascinating a nail art could be when it could get hills for your nails? No doubt, innumerable tribes existed over hills emerging out this amazing tribal design for nail art.

You may wear knuckle rings as to glorify the design and make out a new fashion statement. This fully studded nail art will do it all for you to make your nails look exotic. Silver enamel base with diamonds studded over it as to make it attractive. You may color other nails with color that matches your apparel. Polish out to make an anchor thereby sticking the rhinestone at the tip of the anchor.

You may also stick studs and rhinestones along the anchor to get a new design. Let other nails be simple and in one hue as to intensify the glory of one nail. Use glitter nail enamel at Sexy nail ideas tip of the nails as to make it shine calmly. Add up the beautiful rhinestones sticking it at the tip of glitter pretending as if the wave of glitter is going on intensifying at its best. Color three nails with pink and two with white. You may use simple non-glittering studs to decorate your nails.

Else the diamond rhinestones are best to use it for studded pink nail art. You may add up the lined texture on one of the nails for a change and uniqueness. What makes nail art a matter of fun and creativity is the fact that you can "Sexy nail ideas" your leaves in pink as well! Yes, indeed, you can! Paint nails in white and make out the mind-blowing leafy design that involves only the border line of leaves making it an absolute one.

Paint a nail with glittered nail color and draw flowers over it. You may add up stud as well so as to make it even more amazing. You may wear a mini one piece with the outfit as to match the nail art with the attire. Do you want your nails to eat watermelon along with you? The adorable watermelon designs looks fascinating and mouth-watering over white base coat. Paint out watermelons on two nails and let the three nails be simply pink colored.

Crazy Acrylic Nail Design

You may also get zigzag lines in white colored nail enamel. It looks so Sexy nail ideas when you give a sharp edged shape to your nails and paint it in grey mirror enamel which looks like a stunning metallic mirror.

You may use black, silver, purple or any other color to see Sexy nail ideas extra large funny face on your nail. You could give your dangerous nails a dangerous look by painting a horrible devil on it. Get red or orange coloured matte enamel for a base coat and paint a black matte over it in a funky shape as to look like a devil. You may also use royal blue color instead of black as to add up uniqueness in the nail art.

Do not add any stud, glitter or rhinestone to this nail art.

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