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These individuals are transforming the industry. They are people you should listen to, connect with or just admire. We looked at thousands of individuals. We considered several factors, including significant contributions each individual has made to the industry and the community. This encompasses not just followers and views, but also technical innovations, groundbreaking research and insights.

We ended up with a healthy balance of those who work in the shadows and those who sit squarely in the spotlight. The outlook for influencer marketing looks bright in She has shaped regulations to be used for the next few years in digital content with a unique dual mission to protect consumers and promote competition.

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Writer, Entrepreneur and Social Media darling. Canadian YouTube personality, vlogger, comedian, author, and actress. Released an amazing documentary from her tour, and more recently launched her own lipstick called Bawse with Smashbox. There seems to be no stopping her and we look forward to seeing more. YouTuber and co-founder of technology start-up and multimedia company Beme.

He's also produced and starred in a show about him and his brother, for HBO. Created videos for brands that went beyond commercials. Played a huge role in lifting the lid on Iphone battery life — making Apple rethink their policies. Now seems like the next greatest thing.

Brent Weinstein is Head of Digital Media Lele pons hookup a latino vampire reaction leading talent and literary agency United Talent Agency, representing some of the best known figures around the world in entertainment, including motion pictures, television, books, music, digital media and live entertainment.

His opinions on up and coming and existing influencers is, in itself, highly influential. Tubular labs — the world-leader in social video analytics. Tubular has just realeased Dealmaker which is trying to find every single influencer marketing video on YouTube and Facebook and give you information about it. The transition from 6 seconds to 6 million subscribers seemed, on the outside, to be easy for this comedian.

An inspiring collaboration with The Giving Keys puts Liza high on this list. After two years of working on more than 50 campaigns. The youngest sister from Keeping up with the Kardashians has been sneaking up quietly, a dark horse, with her lipstick brand and investing that money wisely.

Hank and John Green are co-founders of Vidcon — a multi genre online video conference which is the largest of its kind in the world. The brothers also pumped up creator's voices by creating the Internet Creators Guild. He's focused his attention on the influencer field there, making it the number 1 destination for influencer talent and drawing esteemed talent such as Lele Pons, Tyler Oakley, and iJustine.

She's the one making topline decisions for the creators and users of YouTube. If anyone has influence over who and what goes on at YouTube; it's Susan. Inher number 1 goal is to prioritise transparency for YouTube creators. CEO of Tapinfluence, a high growth technology company specializing in social media influencer marketing. She is helming Tapinfluence to become a leader in influencer marketing and work with Al technology to help brands target audiences, via influencers, at scale.

Tapinfluence has the only Nielsen case study proving sales effectiveness of influencer marketing. There are now tons of copycat kids on YouTube based on his work with the format, and that number will be sure to rise. He's also turning his attention to gaming on channel EvanTubeGaming. One of the original online video focused talent managers and managing the careers of some of YouTube's biggest celebrities and securing major accounts with some of the biggest brands.

He previously owned a production company and has a degree in Corporate Innovation from the Stanford Graduate School of Business. She has a passion for thought-provoking creativity and specializes in large scale projects, so after the success of 's lip syncing Coca Cola campaign and Shareacoke hashtag, brands have flocked to Musical.

DanTDM, was the highest paid youtuber He's Lele pons hookup a latino vampire reaction a book and sold out shows, won several awards for gaming and presenting and set Guinness "Lele pons hookup a latino vampire reaction" Records through his work. In short, he's writing a new chapter in how influencers can build an empire and at just 26 he's only just getting started.

Along with Mike Krieger, Kevin Systrom is responsible for creating the platform that has brought Influencer Marketing to the forefront; Instagram. Gushcloud is a leading marketing company in Southeast Asia, with offices in Singapore, malaysia and Indonesia, they help brands and agencies engage with influencers and aim to build the future of digital media and marketing in Asia.

Dreaming big Althea hopes to create the Hollywood of Asia and one day export it around the world. Once a boy making geeky tech reviews and putting them online, now a man with almost 6 million YouTube subscribers.

All of them following his every word on the latest gadgets. Initially jumping on the merchandise wagon for musicians to sell merch online, Vaccarino thought bolder than usual. He began Fanjoy — a way of sending fans a care package from their favourite bands every 3 months.

Now, Fanjoy is a platform for the most notable Youtubers to sell merch to their young fans— Casey Neistat and Jake Paul included. The third highest paid Youtubers. It began with a basketball trickshot recorded in the Cotton twins' front yard. In two weeks, the shot received overviews. In came messages from fans and sponsors alike.

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Propelling them to stardom. Now they hold several Guinness World Records and command top sponsorship dollars. NYC-based lawyer representing top online video creators. With his partner Victoria Fener, he co-founded ClamourCon in — the largest professional influencer industry conference, bringing top YouTubers together with brands, excited about influencer marketing.

Most recently, co-launched The Valleyfolk. Once an exec for Youtube, he broke free of the comforts of a well-oiled and safe machine to run his own company, Epic Signal. CEO of this now top rated influencer market agency, he has created a company that boosts brand value and following through community management and optimization, along with content strategy and PR.

Canadian video game commentator, Evan Fong produces gaming content for his channel VanossGaming. At just 25, he was the second highest paid Youtuber of His channel currently has over 8. Since leaving The Collective inSarah has been an industry leader in talent management, running her own company Sarah Weichel Management from LA. Helping guide the careers of Lilly Singh and breakout Streamys Lele pons hookup a latino vampire reaction Jon Cozart; she turns influencers into brands and develops lasting business plans for them.

Viewers can join James for a whiskey and a chat about the industry, sometimes featuring interviews with some of the top business influencers out there. Sitting with James every week is an education. Melrose and Park cater to millennials and those working on digital platforms.

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Megan established a roster of top beauty gurus here, before setting up her most recent project SavvyCommunications which in brand strategy and talent development agency.

Brand entertainment specialist "Lele pons hookup a latino vampire reaction" Ray Butler works on Youtube and facebook strategy, social promotion and brand integration. They connect global brands to consumers through popular entertainment via streaming TV, film, music and influencer programming. American Youtuber Mark Edward Fischbach, or Markiplier, specializes in gaming videos, usually of the survival horror genre.

His gaming commentary is famous — often yelling, screaming and cursing his way through the videos, but it pulls in the views. His currently has over 9 billion total video views and 19 million subscribers. Famebit is a marketplace for brands and influencers to collaborate and create branded content that is shared to millions of viewers. With over 45, creators in its influencer network, they reach up to 3 billion people globally. Matthew and Stephanie Patrick not only run two highly successful gaming channels on YouTube, but they also have a consulting company that works with major consumer product companies, Theorist Media.

Their company is strategy based, helping companies use social video metrics to inform creative decisions.

Originally known for his doodles on Snapchat, he was one of the first to make money through the platform with his art. Louderback was previously the CEO of Revision3. Having worked 15 years in media and production, Dominic Smales set up Gleam features in and works as the company's CEO.

They are a management agency for social media influencers and emerging talent, representing Zoella, Tanya Burr, Alfie Deyes and are the biggest management company in the world.

Also the creator and host of All Things Video, a podcast dedicated to the future of the online video ecosystem. His guests divulge a ton of information about the influencer marketing industry. TubeFilter literally filters online content, following digital storytellers and pulling out the best stuff. They boost views by sharing high quality content and keeping people up to date with important industry dates.

Her company is a leading international platform which automates content marketing campaigns with digital influencers on Instagram, Facebook and Snapchat. Creator of Youtube channel Laugh Out Loud, Hart has tapped a handful of creators to be part of the channel's incubator, and launched a streaming service to provide the best in online comedy content. CEO of Reelio and the middleman between Youtubers and brands.

Reelio helps connect creatives with clients for branded content, either through a marketplace platform - where talent can pitch for jobs - or through sponsorship schemes. Reelio are also giving back by supporting nonprofits across the globe. Their GOOD platform funds branded content for the companies that need it Lele pons hookup a latino vampire reaction. Mike Bienstock is the Chief Executive at Semaphore.

Lele pons hookup a latino vampire reaction been helping YouTubers grow for nearly 10 years and currently works with many rising stars on YouTube, including several of the top talent in the industry.

His unique and diverse knowledge and experience has led entrepreneurs to reach high levels of success.

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