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Due to the new launch of this website We are trying to fix all problems as soon as possible. Thank you for your understanding. If you have questions or feedback you can send it to website wi. If you want to apply for more than one program, please send us a separate application for each program you are applying for. This includes ALL documents, including certified copies. Each application will be processed separately.

For technical problems, please contact TUMonline support via it-support tum. For other issues with the online application, please contact study tum. Please send your printed application form with signature and all the required application documents to:.

Generally,admissions apply to all following applications in the respective degree program. Please make sure to read through the following information as there are some formal prerequisites you will have to meet: You will have to submit only the application form and an updated CV, unless your application was over a year ago in which case you will have to submit all documents again.

It is not necessary for you to enroll in person at the Students Office. Once you have submitted all of the required documents and paid your study fees more information here: Generally speaking, admissions apply to all following applications in the respective degree program. Due to the vast amount of inquiries, we cannot make any statement on your eligibility in advance. Please apply within the application period and your documents will be checked carefully.

The final decision will be made during Berufswahltest arbeitsagentur online dating application process. Please refrain from sending transcripts for pre-review.

Please find all the necessary information on Notarization of Documents here: It is not necessary to provide a proof of proper health insurance at the time of application. It is sufficient to provide the respective document for enrollment after you have been admitted.

Please refer to more information regarding health insurance here: Students are required to pay the student union and basic semester ticket fees for each semester they are enrolled. For details and further information on fees and financial aid please see: Berufswahltest arbeitsagentur online dating, to apply you must only submit evidence of proficiency in English.

Master in Management & Technology

However, as a foreign student you may be required to provide proof of basic German language proficiency comparable to A1 level by the end of the second semester. Questions regarding credit transferring will be answered by the institutes after the admission procedure is completed.

You can find more information on the Double Degree Program here: You need to have completed at least ECTS by the time you apply as evident in your Transcript of records. You will get the full list of documents that have to be submitted after the application procedure.

A full list can be found here: Please have a look here: You can find the link in your personal account as seen in the picture: Please note the link is only a example, please look at your application to find your registration link. Please just fill out the application form in TUMOnline.

Print it, sign it and send it to the Immatrikulations Office. It is not necessary to send all the other documents again. Please only fill in subjects from one degree. If you have subjects that you want to have considered for example economics for the MMT programplease write a separet statement with a list of subjects that you Berufswahltest arbeitsagentur online dating to have considered for the requirements and also submit your transcript from your second degree so we can double check the modules.

Have a look here: Unfortunately, this is not possible. All necessary ECTS have to be in your transcript at the time of your application. Generally speaking, Berufswahltest arbeitsagentur online dating application process is the same as for national applicants.

There are a few exceptions that may or may not apply to you. You can visit the TUM campus any time and do an interactive campus tour using your tablet or smartphone.

You can find more information about this here. Occasionally there are guided campus tours led by current TUM Students. Please check here for available guided tours. You can find all important dates and deadlines here. You can find all information regarding financial aid here.

You can find a detailed manual here. If you are experiencing difficulties registering for an exam, please contact it-support tum. All information about examination withdraw due to medical Berufswahltest arbeitsagentur online dating can be found here.

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Yes, special accommodations can be arranged. All relevant information can be found here. Please check the following information. You can replace elective modules by other elective modules. If you absolve more modules than required, the modules with the best grades will be counted automatically. The other modules will appear under the section additional modules in your transcript.

First of all, we advise you to contact your program manager as early as possible. Berufswahltest arbeitsagentur online dating program manager will discuss with you possible solutions to allow for successful study progress and graduation, and identify further steps to do.

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For details, please contact your program manager. You can find the contact Berufswahltest arbeitsagentur online dating of your program manager here. You can find information and deadlines regarding payment of the semester fees here. In these cases please contact semester fees management. You can find further information on this topic here. You can only apply for recognition of previous examinations once, and you must apply to the relevant examination committee during your first year of study.

If you are taking a double degree program at TUM you can apply as long as you are officially registered for both degrees.

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All existing qualifications can be recognized. No, but bear in mind that you will automatically be moved into the next semester in the following situations:. Please send an email to the relevant person in Grades and Examinations Office see below with the following details:. In the latter case you should submit the following to the Chair in question:. Please bear in mind that this process may take two to three weeks. Please refer to the website or office management of the relevant Chair to find out who you should submit your application to.

Do not submit your application directly to a professor or teacher unless you are specifically told that they are the person responsible. Applications approved by Chairs are generally sent internally by the Chair itself to Berufswahltest arbeitsagentur online dating relevant person in the Grades and Examinations Office.

Please discuss this in advance with your supervisor. You can download a suggested cover Berufswahltest arbeitsagentur online dating and the Declaration of Authorship form from our download section.

You are welcome to use the cover page of the Chair where your thesis is being supervised as long as it contains the same information as our suggested cover page. If the title of your thesis changes significantly while you are writing it, your supervisor must confirm to us by email that he or she agrees to the change of title and that the topic of the thesis has not changed. If the change in title is only minor, you do not have to let us know and your supervisor does not have to write to us to confirm this.

The two copies meant for the supervisor will be passed on by the Grades and Examination Office. The submission deadline given in the email sent by Berufswahltest arbeitsagentur online dating Grades and Examinations Office confirming registration is the official deadline for submission and is therefore binding.

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The date on which you actually submit the thesis at the Service Point or portal, not the date of the grade announcement or the latest closing date. It must be explicitly a full-time internship. Student traineeships, trainee programs, etc. If the internship lasts an odd number of weeks, round the number of weeks up.

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Submit all the documents in one go, as far as possible given the deadlines. Responsibility for submitting all the documents on time and in full Berufswahltest arbeitsagentur online dating solely with you.

They do not require special authorization for this. Apply to the relevant Examination Committee at TUM School of Management and submit the required documents to the relevant contact person see below.

The recommendation will be sent to you by post at the address you provide. Application letter and scan of the internship contract may be send together via e-mail to your contact person. Please note that we have to have your application documents at the latest three weeks after the first day of lectures, as it takes around Berufswahltest arbeitsagentur online dating weeks to process them.

Personally to the Student Service Center Or by email to studium tum.

You can be supervised by Berufswahltest arbeitsagentur online dating Chair or jointly by a company and a Chair. Hand in your project report to the Chair where you are supervised, either directly to your supervisor or to the office management.

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