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Leaf reading is not common in Indiapalmistry is.

You will have better luck trying in Europe. In fact, there is a town dedicated to this form of practice called Vaitheeswaran koilwhich is very close to the famous Chidambaram Temple in Tamil Nadu. It can be read in MumbaiDelhi and so many other places. They have Olai suvadi online dating all over. I have got mine read in Thane which is near Mumbai 30 kms. We have to give our Name and mobile number exact birth time, birth date, birth place and thumb impression.

With this info they find out palm leaf of our name written some thousands of years before by Sage Agasthi.

Sometimes they may get our leaf within 2 to 3 weeks but sometimes it may take months too. Once they find it, they inform us about it on telephone and fix up the appointment. One persons reads the leaf loudly in Tamil and the other person translates it simultaneously, in English, Marathi, Hindi a language of your choice.

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Olai suvadi online dating The whole reading of leaf is recorded on a CD and handed over to us, so that we can play it whenever we want. It is a different kind of experience. They charged me Rs. Now with rising inflation the prices also might have increased. The charges depend upon the number of chapters you want them to read. The chapters are like General, Marriage Life, Health, Court matters, children, business and finance etc. They also tell you re any accident, major surgery, pecuniary losses, loss in court cases in future, Life expectancy time around which the person would dieNext Olai suvadi online dating, Last birth etc.

Now please do not ask me whether in last 5 years whatever they have read has come true? The highlight of palm leaf Astrology mrajank mentioned is that any person in the world if he gives his finger tips they would select the leaf for the particular person which contains horoscope of that person, based on the horoscope they predict his future life and also narrate his past life.

This is called Naadi Jothidam in tamil.

Olai suvadi online dating It is belief that all our nadis beats have been recorded in leaves by the old siddars tamil saints, primarily Saint Agasthiar. So the Naadi astrologers pick out the leaf said to be containing your details and read it out for you. There are quite a few places which are famous for this in Tamil NaduVaitheeswaran Koil being the pioneer and pockets around CourtallamTrichy, now Thiruvannamalai.

This is spread out and there are even people in Chennai who are quite reputed.

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