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Are emma blackery and luke cutforth dating


Well, there so many YouTube stars who have made our day and have stolen our heart with their outstanding performances. And after watching their videos, we often end like them.

Luke Cutforth and Emma Blackery...

In this regard, today we will be talking about the famous YouTube star Emma Blackery and her affair. Emma Balckery started dating Luke Cutforth in Aprilbut they only publicized their relationship in October They were regarded as one of the adorable YouTube couples back then.

Life is not always full of joy and happiness. Not everything has a happy ending, right?

Luke Cutforth & Emma Blackery

Likewise, the affair of Emma Blackery and Luke Cutforth also had no happy ending. The pair has decided to be cent percent pleased in the things that they have chosen to do. Emma and Luke revealed the news about their break up by sharing a video.

According to Emma and Luke, they broke up because of their busy schedules. We think each other are fabulous and we just want the best for each other. They blamed their busy schedules for their breakup. Emma is now busy touring with British band Busted whereas Luke is busy filming a movie. Though they have ended their affair, they have decided to remain best friends. Emma too referred to Luke as her best friend via her Twitter.

Emma Blackery dating history, ,...

She said she will always love her best friend. About four years have passed since the release on the now infamous video featuring Emma and her one-time boyfriend Luke.

The former flames have stuck to their words and while doing so fostered a healthy friendship. According to Emma's Twitter rhetorics, their relationship is the prime example of how exes can still remain friends.

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