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Dating in dubai rules


Dubai could be the most liberal city in Saudi Arabia, when it comes to Dating in dubai rules dating culture it has its own way. Being the most populous city in the country, Dubai has large numbers of expat living in it.

Those newcomers has to follow the dating culture in Dubai. When you are entering a culture different than yours, you have to adapt to their customs and rules. You are likely to have a surprise seeing how much different Arabian culture is. Asian countries in general have similar dating culture and customs.

Arabians are indeed much more conservative that Western culture, including in dating customs. What are the rules set as dating culture in Dubai? As an Islamic country, dating is not so allowed in Arabian culture. As the Western culture start to blend in, dating become something common in Dubai nowadays. However, do not expect to be praised by the "Dating in dubai rules."

2. The trust issue

Dubai people do not like Dating in dubai rules allowed public display of affection. Not even holding hands together. Couples have to stay low, becoming less attracted to their partner in front of public. The Dubai society and culture are against PDAs. The just try to respect the culture. According to the Islamic laws, unmarried man and woman are prohibited to live together under the same roof.

When Western couple tend to move in together after some periods of dating, it will never happen in Dubai. You have to live separately until you have legally married.

Living together without official marriage Dating in dubai rules is illegal in Dubai. When cohabitation before marriage being illegal is still acceptable, you may think that short getaway with your date will be okay.

Hmm, your expectation seems too high. No cohabitation and no romantic getaway as well. Basically, going anywhere together only with your date alone is something unacceptable in the dating culture in Dubai.

You have to hold all the impulse until marriage. Dubai is a city with thick Islamic rules and culture. Thus you have to carefully watch your mouth.

No cursing, swearing, and use of any impolite languages are allowed. Even more you have to decrease your volume whilst talking. Raising your voice volume while talking with your partner is a big no. Talking politely is a way to respect your partner. Speaking to them with a polite manner means you truly love them and consider them as equal as you.

Modern life of the society are close with clubs, bars, and alcohol. A lot of people getting hitched when they were clubbing. Party is life for modern people.

Don't fall fowl of the...

But forget about all of it when you date Dubai men or women. They have zero interest in party, clubs, and alcohol. Besides, drinking alcohol consider a rule breaking for Muslim. Couples with different beliefs will usually fight over this.

Contrast with the Western culture where dating is widely accepted, Islamic law clearly prevent it believer to date. This is why Dubai people Dating in dubai rules never broadcast any of their romantics involvement. Dating publicly could bring shame to the family.

Do not be offended with this if you come from a different culture. Even though this is not "Dating in dubai rules" forced to Dating in dubai rules, people prefer to keep things to themselves.

Especially for a woman from a liberal country, be prepared that your partner will take the lead in anything. You have to follow his words, and traditionally there will be no negotiation. Not that he sees you as his submissive or being arrogant—that is how he is raised. Patriarchal culture is still going in Dubai, just like in most of Asian countries. Dating a person from different culture means you have to prepare yourself to get to know their culture better.

It will always be good for you to start learning their language. This will bring a huge advantage in your relationship.

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