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Playing the long game dating simulator


All I need to do is look hot. Then everything will fall into place.

Let's be clear, when it...

At a cursory glance, what she says has merit. Focus on your looks, and male attention flows. Each admiring glance feels like money in the bank. The short game is all about instant gratification.

But the short game is hard to win. There are women with glossier hair, who take better selfies, or are more shameless about self-promoting. The Playing the long game dating simulator game is all about a lifetime of love.

It aims for strong marriages and lifetime commitment. Knowing how to work through problems. Respecting and validating one another. Growing together as your relationship evolves. But, unlike smooth skin and waist-length hair, relationship skills are something you can never lose. You only get better over time. The more you learn, the more you practice, the more you realize your own power.

You create them through everything you say and do. Amazingly, your relationship skills come through with every conversation you have.

1. My Candy Love

You demonstrate your skill level through how you deal with everyone in your life, from friends to co-workers to causal encounters.

Every relationship, whether professional or platonic, is an opportunity to practice resolving conflict, communicating better, and building bridges.

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