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Political professionals dating


The CGP is directed by Prof.

Within our unique programs we invite you to explore the multiple challenges of the twenty-first century. You will develop an understanding of the interdependent nature of seemingly diverse issues as migration, changing security issues, and environmental degradation.

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You will increase your understanding of global challenges and their political, economic, and social causes and impacts. As young professionals and leaders working in finance, economics or the civil society sector with an international approach, you Political professionals dating new and demanding challenges.

Reflecting current issues and developments worldwide, Global Politics Professional Training conveys the qualifications that prepare you for these challenges and train you for an international job. Building skills for a global career.

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Gain in-depth knowledge of theories and prevailing issues of International Relations. Acquire practical competencies and the ability to adapt to professional challenges in a globalized world. If Eastern Europe is the region on the globe which attracts you most and which you want to deeply immerse in, East European Studies Online is the M.

Study the new way that allows you to reconcile further studies with your job and family life: The Global Politics Seasonal Schools are intensive certificate programs lasting up to two weeks for advanced students with a strong background in the political and social sciences. Political professionals dating organized by FU Berlin and a renowned partner university abroad, each school bring together highly qualified students to exchange and debate current developments in the study of global political and economic phenomena.

Find out more about Germany — welcome to German Studies Russia.

The spot is on politics, but you will also learn more about media, economics, and law. Improve your knowledge and your skills, get ready for the global market through internships. And Political professionals dating Germany yourself — outstanding graduates receive scholarships.

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