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Types of people to avoid dating


N obody is perfect in this world. So if we only build relationships with people who we think have it all together, we will have very few relationships in life, and the relationships we do have will be based in idolatry thus will not last long. The Bible does not command us to look for perfect people. If we feel led by the Spirit and his word, I believe we can serve and minister to Types of people to avoid dating, regardless of their sinful tendencies or past mistakes.

But there are different requirements when we look for friends, significant others, or a spouse to join with. Serving and giving to someone is different than joining that person in a mutual relationship of give and take. This is when passages like Proverbs By studying this Bible passage, we can discover 8 types of people Christians should avoid in relationships like friendship, dating, and marriage.

There is more hope for a fool than for him. Because they believe they are wiser and smarter than everyone, anytime someone tries to correct him or her they reject it because they feel they are right and others are wrong. Building a relationship with someone who must always be right is impossible.

Dating is a trial and...

We all make mistakes, therefore we all need to ask for forgiveness and be corrected from time to time. Healthy relationships are built on humility and a willingness to admit our wrongs and move forward in love. There is a lion in the streets! Another type of person that is incapable of having successful friendships, dating relationships, or a healthy marriage is the person who always has an excuse for why he or she cannot do the right thing.

Doing the right thing is usually harder than doing the wrong thing. Notice how Proverbs They always have an excuse ready to justify their questionable behavior. If you try to build a relationship with someone who always has excuses for why they cannot do the right thing, you will feel like beating your head against a brick wall. Types of people to avoid dating

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