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Birth control arm implant yahoo dating

Contraceptive implants are soft capsules,...

The following information is NOT intended to endorse drugs or recommend therapy. While these reviews might be helpful, they are not a substitute for the expertise, skill, knowledge and judgement of healthcare practitioners in patient care. Compare all medications Birth control arm implant yahoo dating in the treatment of Birth Control.

Each month following I would have heavy bleeding one or twice a month, irregular periods, long periods, once I was bleeding very heavily for about 4 weeks and had to go to hospital as I felt like I was slowly dying from blood loss.

I used to be on the pill, which at the time I didn't realise how crazy it made me until after I stopped, and now realise the implanon is the reason I have been depressed, unhappy, anxious and fatigued.

I'm getting this out next week and planning to use Natural Cycles for a while to rid my body of excess hormones.

The idea of putting the...

My friend had a nerve wrap around her implanon which cased numbness down her whole arm. Other friends have experienced mood changes and generally not feeling themselves. One friend had this in after having a baby and to my knowledge has had no issues with it, so it really does depend on the person. Jane October 24, I have been dealing with irregular bleeding, at one point I bled heavily for 4 months straight with maybe days that I thought it had stopped.

I have no motivation or drive to do anything and I have also struggled with increased anxiety especially social anxiety which I never struggled with before. I have deep Birth control arm implant yahoo dating and feelings of unworthiness like I'm just a waste of space and a sorry excuse of a person. I see that al ot of other people have had depression increase or develop after they got the implant as well.

I also have Birth control arm implant yahoo dating pretty regularly and just feel sluggish.

I was honestly devastated that I was feeling and going through all these things thinking that even being drug free I'd never find happiness again, but I genuinely think that this BC is the root cause of all Birth control arm implant yahoo dating struggles and I can't wait to get it taken out!

Tink taken for 2 to 5 years October 18, I used to be VERY fit and healthy. Doctor recommended it to assist period pain.

Within the 6mths and still training and eating health, I gained over 25kgs!!! Weight I've since never been able to lose, even 5 years later! It also caused my hormones to go crazy.

I felt extreme depression, crying over everything and anything it was unbearable. I demanded to take it out as I feared becoming suicidal! Against docs suggestions to wait longer for my body to get used to it, I just went somewhere else and had it removed immediately. The depression has gone away. Getting this inserted was the was the worst decision have ever made.

Tin October 17, I lost 20 kilos due to lack of appetite and excruciating pain in my stomach.

I was bed ridden for months becoming a zombie, I just couldn't take it anymore. Nobody knew what was happening to me and nobody could fix it. I was just hopeless and angry. Nobody told me it could've been the implant but such is life. Cozza October 2, It hurts going in and coming out. I would get it sometimes for 7 days at the most and other days 5. I noticed weight gain and always so hungry. Niki taken for 2 to 5 years September 29, The results are mostly good with a few side effects.

After getting the implant I stopped having my periods and pain but there was a couple negatives: Now my face breaks out even from hot water. I noticed that I had a significant increased form of anxiety. Eating nuts or heavy carbs is very bad with the impact of the impact; bloating, etc Calorie intake may have to be reduced to stay the same weight at least for me. I am satisfied with the product as it did fix the problem. However, I wouldn't recommend people taking this under high stress, poor health, or if they are trying to Birth control arm implant yahoo dating weight.

Some Person taken for 1 to 6 months September 28, NO Did I ever stop bleeding?

I feel better since having it removed, and I have a regular period. This contraception is awful. Salty taken for 2 to 5 years September 21, Zee taken for 1 to 2 years September 6, Since I had it inserted I have been struggling with severe migraines, mood swings, acne, intermittent spotting that never really stops and can start at any time, lack of sex drive and I have gained 12lbs.

I have not changed my eating habits and I exercise frequently. After reading the reviews I have now realized what is causing all these issues. I will have it removed and post another update once done.

Thank you all for the reviews. Mimmie taken for 6 months to 1 year August 29, I was on the implant for just under 12 months, the first 5 months or so were absolute fine.

After Birth control arm implant yahoo dating, started feeling EXHAUSTED and depressed every day, I never would want to go anywhere or do anything- me and my family was so worried about my health and if I had any serious conditions, I got blood tests etc and had several visits to the doctors. Birth control arm implant yahoo dating

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